Commercial Cleaning

We love a solar farm or business that’s trying to reduce their carbon footprints. Due to the various added complexities of commercial solar systems, we can provide a bespoke quotation after a site visit with our senior technicians to assess all relevant information required to carry out the clean safely and efficiently to the highest standards.

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Commericla solar cleaning

Why Clean your Solar Panels?

Protecting your wise investment into a green solar energy capture and storage system is as important to us as it is to you. Put simply, if you don’t clean your panels the system total efficiency will start to reduce.

The longer you leave it the faster the build-up occurs which is why we recommend an annual cleaning schedule to maintain optimum efficiency. If your panels have accumulated a very heavy build up, then you may run the risk of permanently damaging your panels, especially with acidic substances such as bird mess. Furthermore, if the equipment used to remove debris is not designed for the panels specifically, for example, a generic firm bristle brush and hose or high-pressure washing equipment, you are imminently running the risk of permeant and potentially irreversible damage.

This is why we only use specialised equipment allowing for the best, most effective and protective clean for your panels.

Solar Commercial

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